by Sabumnim

The common question is “How fast and well can I learn self defense?’

Self Defense is only partially determined by the physical attributes of both the attacker and the defender. Just as a man can bring down an elephant if he has the right mindset, emotional stability and spirit, so too can a woman take down a man much larger and stronger than herself.

Effective self defense begins with self worth. In the animal kingdom, the predators look for the weak. Some men are animals and are not much different than the predators in the wild. The only difference is that predators in the animal kingdom operate mainly in the realm of instinct and the physical world, where as human beings operate in both the mental and emotional realms, as well as the physical.  Therefore, a human predator will look for targets that have a mental or emotional weakness as well as a disadvantage in physicality. A mental weakness can range from just not being alert and aware, to having a victim’s mind set. An emotional weakness can be anything from feelings of shame, regret and low self worth or poor self esteem, to depression and a broken heart.

True Martial Arts training is the deep training of the mind body spirit and soul. It is the life journey of self discovery, transformation and personal empowerment. In truth, this is no easy task and only those who are ready to face physical, mental and emotional challenges have any chance
of succeeding at this extraordinary endeavor. But the benefits, value and rewards by far outweigh the work and challenges.

It does however require a student that is ready willing and able. Ready to face any and all personal fears, able to humble themselves by emptying their cup of (I know) and willingness to commit to the three T’s Teacher, Training and Time.

Committing to a teacher is an absolute must if you want a teacher to be committed to you. Without this commitment between Teacher and student, the training would be void of spirit and soul which are the principle elements of the heart of the training.

Committing to the training means having a resolved mind to do whatever it takes to succeed. To be prepared for hardship, to be ready to pay the price of blood, sweat, sacrifice and tears. You must have the strongest reasons to train in order to withstand all the reasons that cause most people to quit.

Committing the time is the most difficult but without this commitment no other commitment can exist nor can any worthwhile results be attained. You must be focused determined and unstoppable by the seasons and the constant ebb and flow of the heart mind and life.

This is what it takes to journey on the extraordinary path of extraordinary results. True self defense starts here.

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