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You are here because you want to improve yourself. Maybe you want to learn how to defend yourself, protect others, or improve your mental alertness, and develop more confidence. Maybe you want to do all of the above, while losing body fat, toning muscles, increasing endurance and flexibility; improving your appearance and self image, becoming more self driven and reaching your goals. Welcome to World Martial Arts Center | HappyKicks. You have definitely taken the right first step! We are here to provide you with the tools, support and training so that you can become the person you want to be, and along the way - feel much better!


Strong, fast, and not to be messed with!


Are you looking for an enriching program that teaches leadership, discipline and focus? Our children's program includes, two daily classes, weekend classes, summer and winter camps, plus a dynamic afterschool program. An afterschool day includes one on one homework help and completion, chess mastery and one or two HapKiDo classes. All classes are taught by certified HapKiDo instructors with assistants. And while our children's program is very popular, we keep our afterschool and camps to a small group so that your child gets the attention they need and deserve. Sign up here to receive alerts on early bird specials and discounted memberships.



World Class Instructors



Join a community that is passionate, determined and supportive. 

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Happykicks Afterschool and CAMPS

At the World Martial Arts Center's Happykicks camps, kids learn how to address the realities of today's world. We have a fun curriculum that is packed with martial arts and life training.

Could your child benefit for more confidence? Could he or she benefit from gaining more focus, physical coordination, and concentration? If you want to learn more about our extraordinary children's program, click the image, and we will show you how we provide the tools for your child's happy and successful future. 

We will pick your child up from their school and bring them to WMAC where they will get one on one homework help and completion, in addition to two martial arts classes, chess mastery and more! Click here to learn more