World Martial Arts has many families training together. It is a fun way to extend the old adage that "Families who eat together, stay together", and especially important since the occurrence of family meals is down by 33% and they tend to last on average a mere 15 minutes! The majority of parents who train started after their children, so you will see sons and daughters with higher ranking belts than their parents, which is a great motivator for all involved!

We are a community of friends, training partners, mentors and supporters. In short, we are the village! Our school philosophy is developing the whole person, and families will find that especially appealing as the health benefits and life altering outcomes of HapKiDo training become apparent in their daily lives (and at the dinner table).

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On Sundays at 11am, we offer a family class, which is a great way to try out the program if you are all starting together, or if one of you has already been training and the other could use your support to get started. If you are all ready to jump in, we have an ADULT class at 9am on Saturdays and a KIDS class at 10am. We also have Mon-Fri 4:15 KIDS classes followed by 5:30 ADULT classes. So bring homework, IPads, books, etc., and spend a few hours with the WMAC community.


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