Each HapKiDo class includes leadership training and confidence building. No matter what your child's age, he or she will be required in their lives to stand up, be heard, defend themselves and their ideas, and have the confidence to follow their interests and succeed in their goals through hard work and practice. Your child may be a six year old who holds themselves back because of personal fears, or your child may be a boisterous eight or ten year old who seems fearless, but who lacks structure and personal awareness. In either case, our classes are designed to meet your child wherever they are, and once they step on the mat, our instructors welcome them and lead them to become strong, focused individuals training as a group. 

Parents feel joyful when they see their children stand in front of a class and direct their peers through HapKiDo drills and forms. Small voices become strong, confident voices, and those who initially held back become eager to lead. 

Throughout the year, we have leadership training workshops for children. These two- hour sessions are designed to position your children in front of their fears so that they can move forward and past them. The workshop groups are typically about 8 - 10 children, which allows us to give greater individual guidance. Each child leaves the workshop with a heart filled with courage, a mind filled with excitement from new ideas and bodies ready to charge ahead. Parents: make sure you are signed up to the email newsletter (and checking your email), and pick up our quarterly seminar and workshop schedule brochure from the front desk.