In the HappyKicks Trial Month your child will learn a whole new set of skills. Some children are a little hesitant in the first few classes as they navigate through their insecurities and the newness of the dojang, and you can expect them to be nervous, resistant and unsure; others jump right in on the first day. Whichever way, once your child bows and steps on the mat, they are beginning a journey that will become the backbone of how they face future challenges and become masters of their own worlds. The first day quickly becomes the day when they will stand in front of the class and command their fellow students with confidence and strong voices. The first month is about taking the first step towards discovering their extraordinary selves. 

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CHILDREN'S TRIAL MONTH - Includes a uniform and training DVD
120.00 175.00

The Children's Trial Month introductory special includes a uniform and a training DVD, and is a great way for you to get your child  on to the mat to see if that’s where you want them to be. Expect that in the first class they will be nervous, unsure and a bit resistant, but watch as that transforms over the next 30 days into being more focused, happy and confident. We know you are ready to make an important change in your child's life, but we want to make sure you know that too!

What you should expect from a month of classes:

  • Nervousness and doubt change to confidence and security

  • Scattered energy becomes more focused.

  • Increased respect for others

  • Increased ability to follow a leader, and be a part of a team

  • More leadership ability

  • Happy to come to train

This is an extraordinary and unique program taught by extraordinary teachers.  Get Ready!

This trial month is normally a $175 value!

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