• Kicking and Striking Skills, Flexibility and Agility Training. Falling and Rolling Mat Skills
  • Weapons Training, including Staff, Stick, RopeStick, Tonfa, Nunchaku, Knife, Dagger, Sword, Sai, Rope and Cane.
  • Complete Range of Self Defense Skills ranging from Choke Defense, Grab Behind, Knife Defense, Gun Defense, Floor and Ground Defense, Firearms Retention, and Multiple Attackers
  • Meditation and Ki Training for Stress Reduction, Health and Longevity

Private Session $85 with a Certified Black Belt Instructor $120 with a Senior Black Belt Instructor $150 with a Teacher $175 with a Kyosanim $200 with a Chungsanim $250 with the Master (4 sessions+ above only)

Group Session (two students) $40 per person with a Certified Black Belt Instructor $60 per Person with a Senior Instructor $75 per person with a Teacher $95 per person with a Kyosanim $100 per person with a Chungsanim $125. per person with the Master

Private and Semi-Private lessons are available for both children and adults. Sessions are 55 minutes long.

One Introductory Session, afterwards there are packages of 4-8-12 available. Semi-Private, group classes, seminars, meditation, weapons, fitness, martial arts counseling, Beginner’s Handbook studies, black belt training and various certifications are available upon request.

Please note special discounts are available for all of the above.