Teens are a valuable group at WMAC.  They are role models for the younger children and inspiring learners. Many of our teens attend the Saturday class and the 5:30pm mid-week classes. Our summer camp and afterschool programs would not be the same without our teen interns. Whether they are training in HapKiDo or helping with our kids program, our young adults are gaining valuable and solid life skills in leadership, commitment, goal setting and training.

Our family memberships accommodate multiple members, and we also have a college student membership, which is a good value for parents and students who are paying for college. Please ask one of our front desk staff members about our family, student and child rates.

Some of our adults were teens when they started training at WMAC, and others were even younger! Here is a letter from one of our parents:

My name is Margalit Beery and I am the mother of Shira Beery (2nd Dan Sunbae) and Tal Beery (1st Dan), who started training at the dojang at ages 10 and 12, respectively. They both trained until they went to college and afterwards as well. My husband and I are so happy and fortunate that Tal and Shira found the dojang. It was a safe place with a warm and loving community of diverse people who went above and beyond in caring for them. It was their second home.  As parents we wanted our three kids to grow up in a creative, stimulating, and supportive environment to help them become independent, confident, and disciplined. We believe those qualities provide the essential foundation for a fulfilling life. We found the environment we were looking for with Sabumnim at the World Martial Arts Center.

We quickly learned to trust Sabumnim wholeheartedly and felt comfortable letting Tal and Shira participate in all the community activities, including black belt tests that started at 4am, friends' birthday parties, and weekend training sessions at Lena's home in Vermont. They had experiences that other children their age didn't have, and it made them stronger people. The dojang was a place where they could receive constructive criticism, from people other than their parents, rooted in principles of respect, discipline, and humility. They were mentored by amazing people who believed in them. They taught as assistant instructors and instructors starting from a young age, which gave them confidence and a strong sense of self. They became the youngest black belts in their class (ages 14 and 17), which required deep commitment and focus. It is a testament to Sabumnim, his teaching ability, and his belief in his students that teenagers can accomplish such a challenge. These experiences taught our kids to do their best in all aspects of their life, and not to get discouraged when the going is tough.

Sabumnim and many of the people who still come to the dojang--like Betty, Jill, and Lena who also now send their children to learn HapKiDo--helped raise Tal and Shira. We are so grateful that they have been part of their lives and ours.

The strong friendships Shira developed with her dojang family and with Sabumnim have been some of her longest-lasting relationships and were a big reason she returned to the dojang as an adult. She has now been training for 16 years.

So a big thank you from deep in our hearts to Sabumnim, and the whole dojang community for all you have done for us and for being part of our family.