In your first month training at World Martial Arts Center, you will notice many changes in your physical body, and you will discover new things about yourself. The first month can be challenging as our physical and mental muscles are called into action. Sometimes both the mind and body react with a big "Noooo" because they are used to being sedentary and in a comfort zone. Other times we want to jump right in, ignoring what our bodies are telling us because we are racing towards mental goals. HapKiDo represents the hard and soft, and teaches us how to push past our many mental "No"s, while staying aware of what our physical bodies are telling us. The first month is a trial period when you try out the program and then decide if it is right for you. If you choose HapKiDo and the World Martial Arts Center, you will be making a commitment to yourself and one that will help you reach all of your future goals.

In the first month, you should be calm and relaxed; do not stress about your first few classes. Everyone that came before you, even the Master, had a first class. You should never push yourself too hard. Don’t kick too high, don’t stretch too far. Be an active observer and have fun. Don’t worry about learning or remembering, it will all come in time. Don’t worry about how you look, we care more about how you feel and your safe and steady progress. Enjoy your first step on the road of Martial Arts and self-mastery.

The Trial Month introductory special is a great way for you to get yourself onto the mat and see if that’s where you want to be. We know you are ready to make an important change in your life, but we want to make sure you know that too!

  • Your body will become a fat burning machine.
  • You will develop strength and abilities you never knew you had.
  • If you were overweight when you started the Trial Month, you will have lost weight.
  • After two weeks, you will notice an improvement in your sleep.
  • Your mind will be more focused, and you will be renewed.
  • You will find you have become part of a team of like-minded and very supportive students.
  • Towards the end of the month, you will be ready to commit to training and to improving your life.

This is an extraordinary and unique program taught by extraordinary teachers.  Get Ready!

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