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March 2018 Newsletter
Dojang will be closed Friday 3/2 at 5pm for a special Women in Martial Arts event at the Museum of the Moving Image. We will reopen Saturday morning.
See below for more info about the event.

From Sabumnim

Why Does the Cat Meow

Everything and everyone has an energy field. The octave middle C on the piano vibrates at 440 cycles and every key before and after the middle C has its own signature vibration. The same is true for not only every other musical instrument but also for every physical object from rare gems and crystals, to mountains, valleys, and canyons. Even fire, water and the wind have various degrees of vibrations. These vibrations are a combination of particle and energy waves. But as we move up and down the vibrational scale, the frequencies vibrate at much slower and faster paces. Have you ever thought about someone and within a few hours or even seconds they call you, or you run into them? That is because we don’t only exist in the physical 3D realm, we are multi-dimensional beings, existing in an interconnected, multi-dimensional, multi-verse. The dimension of thoughts are not confined to the laws of the physical dimension; thoughts can even manipulate the physical dimension. It has been known for thousands of years that the human brain generates a powerful electromagnetic energy that also, just like a radio frequency, extends far beyond the human body. Today, most of modern science and medicine agree that the brain works with some form of electrical energy that actually produces electromagnetic waves in the form of thought waves. During the 1990s, Dr. Masaru Emoto performed a series of experiments, observing the physical effects of thoughts, words and prayers on the structure of water. He was featured in the documentary What the Bleep Do We Know. He has written many scientific journals and at least six books with many incredible photos using a combination of microscopic and high speed photography. Some of his books include The Healing Power of Water, Hidden Messages in Water, and Messages from Water and the Universe. Of course there are many western scientists that still try to discredit Dr. Emoto and his work, but when it comes to people like that we should always keep in mind these facts:

Western Science has a very long history of fearing anything which cannot be put into a test tube or fit their duplicatable mathematical formulas; fearing things beyond their understandings and control; and fearing things that could empower the masses.
In October 1927, the world’s most notable physicists met to discuss their new findings in quantum physics at Belgium’s Solvay Conference on Electrons and Photons. There, they came up with the most groundbreaking theory: “the minds of the experimenters were affecting the results of the experiments.” The two leading figures, Albert Einstein and Niels Bohr, couldn’t accept this theory because it didn’t fit into any known mathematical model. But years later, Einstein admitted that it was true. Nikola Tesla, another of the greatest minds of modern scientific history, is responsible for giving us tools to help others to bridge and understand the connection and power of their heart and mind. In many of the ancient languages, the word, symbol and writing to describe “mind and heart” are one character, or a combination of both as one character. The study of the mind and heart are an invaluable benefit to those who are truly on the path of martial arts improvement and personal development.

The Hara, the gut, the Dan jun, is also the most sensitive and powerful center of reception of the multiple energy fields moving through and around us every moment of every day, from birth to death. Our lower energy centers are um (yin) and if trained well can become more powerful at reception than the most powerful computer. Our higher energy centers are yang and if trained well can develop levels of perception far greater than what is believed to be humanly possible. Reception and perception are linked to each other just as yin and yang are linked. They must be kept in balance if you wish to truly benefit from them. If you observe closely, you will discover that all of nature has this balance. It is only humanity that has lost this balance because of the the struggle between good and evil. This is the reason most people ignore their gut feelings, fear listening to their heart, and allow themselves to be fooled and manipulated by distorted perceptions in their head.

I can teach anyone to shine and to grow in incredible ways as a martial artist in relatively a short time. The challenge is not age, ability, intellect, motivation, or time. The real challenge is getting past their “double thought” (as opposed to “one thought, one action” or not trusting their first thought), their doubts, their beliefs, and their fears, which also includes their comfort zones. All of these emit their own vibrational energy fields that act like a force field against the possibility of greatness. When you multiply this 200-300 times, it becomes so thick you can cut it with a knife.

There have been many times that I had to spiritually do that just to get from the rear of the class to the front of it. We all experience happiness in many ways, one of the most common and universal ways of experiencing happiness is through progress. Yet, when moving towards progress, most people will slow down or even stop moving in that direction if they feel (gut) they are moving out of their comfort zone. They will start perceiving (head) and focusing on things to support a reason to not move forward. Their gut receptions and their head perceptions will generate a wave (vibration) of emotion through their heart. This is what makes it sometimes impossible to teach someone how to do a front roll, a free fall, break a board, surf, or ice skate. This is the reason very few dare to fight, and just as many rarely dare to love. Because I have been teaching seven days a week for a very, very long time now, I am constantly treading through a swamp of all the different vibrational energy frequencies and electromagnetic waves. And just as the waves of the oceans, this energy swamp is also affected by the new and full moons. The problem is, unlike the tides that rise and fall, the dojang is much like a dust collector when it comes to energy. When you have people constantly coming in from 6:00am until 11:30pm, you collect and have a huge build-up of multi-dimensional energies.

Even though I burn sacred clearing incense and perform purifying acts with clearing prayers, I often find myself out-numbered in this battle for harmonious balance. By the time the sixth Saturday class is done, we are just about filled to capacity with all the impurities--even toxicity--that people have brought with them to the dojang and left it here for someone else to deal with. This is the reason why I lead the afternoon meditation. It’s to throw out the trash, it’s to clear the air, it’s to purify the space. When I lead the meditation, I start to connect to the vast energy field of not only the class, but also of the earth and vibrating universe. I then expand my heart center to the frequencies of divine love. I then open my higher energy centers to perceive divine guidance and to see beyond the illusions placed before us. And once I have a complete alignment of all my energy centers, there is a connection of heaven and earth (chung ji) through my being. Once I say the words, “Take a deep breath and exhale as you relax,” something of a much higher energy is vibrating through my voice. And just as a master violinist can physically play one violin and at the same time cause 30 other violins to resonate the same tone without touching them, all of us in the dojang begin to vibrate at the same harmonious frequency. Together we purify the dojang, clearing it of negative energies and prepare it for a new week. It’s not only a meditation, it’s a divine practice, and it’s a prayer of gratitude. In Korean kido actually means to pray. So what do you think it means to be a deeper practitioner of HapKido? It means a person or people who practice the way of harmonizing energy. When this is accomplished balance is achieved and there is peace flowing through the hearts, minds and souls.

This is why the cat meows.


  • Adult Test - Friday March 16th 7am and 7pm
  • Children - Saturday March 3rd at 9am
BRING YOUR GLOVES TO CLASS for the month of March!
Free Fighting Ki Bon Sool and Heavy Bag Training
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7:15 -Techniques
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BODAN Classes
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6:15 - 7:15 Advanced Forms Class
6:15pm - Forms

1:45 - 2:30
Dagger Forms 1 - 4 and Yang short form

Early Spring Cleaning Crazy Sale!

Everything 20% off!
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WMAC Goes to Warwick

by Danielle Uchitelle

On Saturday, February 24, 2018, Sabumnim participated in a Grand Master Seminar held at United Martial Arts Center in Warwick, NY. He shared the program with martial arts legend Grand Master Byung Min Kim and UMAC founder Grand Master Edmund Ciarfella, together with students from both UMAC and WMAC, as well as other Grand Masters who traveled from as far away as Massachusetts.

Situated in beautiful, rural upstate New York, UMAC provided a large and well-equipped facility (no pillars! huge space, and one giant mat covering the entire floor!). It was quickly filled with students from both schools who came to learn about martial arts philosophy from the venerable GM Kim and “streetology” from Sabumnim.

In preparation for Sabumnim’s session, many of us had been working hard on reviewing floor defense and ground defense during the previous weeks. I always find it interesting to experience the different approaches of other martial arts schools, and I never considered myself particularly well versed in “street defense”, especially after working with students who train with masters like Soke Little John Davis and Professor Bill McCloud, where such techniques seem to take up a bigger part of the curriculum. On the other hand, it quickly became clear to me that the floor/ground techniques that Sabumnim teaches at WMAC were quite foreign to a lot of the UMAC seminar participants, so this was a great opportunity to share these skills with others.

I have a deep appreciation for everything that Sabumnim teaches us, and for all he does for the students at WMAC. But the Warwick seminar helped remind me once again of how fortunate we are to be able to study with Sabumnim every day of the week. The UMAC students who had paid for the opportunity to work with Sabumnim for a few hours, most of whom were high rank Black Belts (second Dan or above), had to have been just a little envious of us and our Brooklyn “streetology.” To hear Grand Master Kim refer to Sabumnim as “number one in the world” just confirms what we who study with him already know.


Ralph Maldari 3/1
Rayland Von Blake 3/2
Shira Beery 3/8
Maria Cruz Melendez 3/13
John Romano 3/15
Holger Thoss 3/18
Michael Pankow 3/25
Pace Singletary 3/30
Alexandra Meistrell 3/31

Chungsanim Betty Sze 4/30
Kyosanim Eva Vaccaro 4/23
Kostas Angelidis 4/1
Sarah Williams 4/9
Jacques Philippe Piverger 4/12
Eniola Mosaku 4/18
Tammi Verneret 4/28
Dmitriy Lyan 4/28
Aditi Joshi 4/26

Rare Martial Arts

WMAC Black Belt
Alexandra Meistrell and her husband have a beautiful baby boy named Miles who was born on Christmas Day! Welcome to the world little Miles. We hope to see a lot of you at our dojang!

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An Experiment in Gratitude

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