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We are closed Memorial Day Weekend Friday 26 - Sunday 29.

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Warrior Weekend
Sat June 24th 12 - 6 pm + Sun 25th 12 - 4pm.
More details to come.

Special Instructor Training Seminar
Sat June 10th 1 - 5pm $99. You must pre-register.

Words from Sabumnim

A Cloaked Super Power

The heart and soul of an individual can be compared to the qualities of water. Water can be hot, warm, cool or cold, a soul can also be hot, warm, cool or cold. Water can be hard or soft, a soul can also be hard or soft. Just as water can become flowing, rough or violent, so too can a soul. Water can be clear, bright, cloudy or dark, just as a soul can be clear, bright, cold or dark. Water can also be shallow or deep, just as a soul can. In the practice of martial arts, there are many things that have to develop in the physical body, as well as the mind. However, it is the soul that is the hidden power of both body and mind. If the soul is shallow it cannot guide the mind and body to a deeper level of martial arts skills or understanding. The very word of understanding reveals the secret to attaining all knowledge. If we can position our heart and soul under the knowledge we seek to attain, rather than being above it, we would excel in any area we choose. The greatest position for the heart and soul to acquire understanding is the position of humility. One must be ever mindful that just like water, humility can be shallow or deep, depending on the personal development of one’s soul. This means the more shallow one’s humility is, the less understanding they can achieve.

When a student comes to learn with an empty cup, their cup is void of ego, and therefore, naturally filled with humility. The teacher can fill this student with understanding that cannot even be put into words. When a student comes with shallow or little humility, that student places his or herself above the teacher, which makes it almost impossible to receive deeper understanding. Being right is the mind’s favorite pass-time. Right feels good, safe and in control. Higher knowledge, just like the sunlight and rain come down from above. Many people have an unconscious fear of being too humble. They view humility as a form of surrendering and a weakness that others will take advantage of. Many feel this form of surrender will take away some part of their identity or diminish their power. This is only true if you surrender to things and people that are harmful to you, such as self destructive thoughts and habits, or those who bring pain and suffering into your life.

When you develop a practice of deep humility, and learn to surrender to that which supports and empowers you (the creator, your teachers, good habits, good practice and good judgment), what you surrender to will become your cloaked super power.

As a martial arts student, I have never considered myself especially gifted or talented. Yet after 48 years of martial arts training, I realized my gift was humility and my talent was surrender. These two things have always, and continue today, to open doors for me that have been bolted shut to others. I am a somewhat decent martial arts teacher only because I continuously practice being a humble beginner. I can never say I know all there is to know, even about the most basic of martial arts techniques. I'm still learning the front kick, and the back roll and finding joy in it with every new discovery.

Below is a video of my lesson with Master Toshiko Mori on February 25th 2017. She is from Fukuoka Japan. Her husband and both her sons are teachers of the martial arts and are part of a 400 year lineage of martial arts practitioners. I’ve been very fortunate to have spent time in Japan with them, and have been invited to train within their exclusive martial arts traditions. It was only humility that opened those doors to me over 15 years ago, and brought Master Toshiko Mori to my school to teach me after all of those years.

Rare Forms 1 Kima Hyung

Shotokan Karate, Kata Tekki Shodan - Kanazawa Hirokazu

Naihanchi -Kata- Karate Shorin-ryu

Naihanchi Shodan

Naihanchi Shodan Shito Ryu

Naihanchi Sho Dan

Naihanchi - shinzato katsuhiko

Syorinryu Naihanchi Syodan

Wado Ryu Karate Kata Naihanchi

Tang soo do (Ki Ma Hyung) black belt form 1

Join us for Professor Bill's annual Sanuces Jujitsu seminar.
Friday May 5th at MAUSA Fitness Center, Saturday May 6th at WMAC.

Summer Camp 2017!
Sign up before May 15th and receive $50 discount!

Health Section - Ginseng

Ginseng Health Effects and Risks
Ginseng Chicken Soup (Samgyetang:삼계탕)
10 "BENEFITS OF GINSENG" For Weight Loss and Health !!

Special Offers
May Special 2017
30 Days — $99
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May Promotion Tests

Adult - Friday 19th at 7am and 7:30pm
Children - Saturday 20th at 9am
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Black Belt Birthdays

Bryce Barros 5/4
Carol Glasgow 5/7
Michelle Alcala 5/7
Rosa Cho 5/8
Ben Braun 5/14
Joseph Lalanne 5/15
Georges Brisset 5/20
Jorges Concepcion 5/21

Grand Master Billy Davis 6/11
Kyosanim Steve Vaccaro 6/6
Justin Erland 6/3
Sebastian Hungerbuhler 6/4
Allan Kessel 6/4
Paul O'Neill 6/7
Mary Feng 6/10
Tomas Huerta 6/15
Susan Ferugio 6/20
Pete Caban 6/20
Carmelo Mulia 6/20
Jade Chen 6/27
Ross Henderson 6/28

Vaccinations are a controversial topic. Here is a link to a seven part series, illuminating the reasons why some people are against vaccination.


HapKiDo curriculum USB keys are available for purchase at the front desk. Each one is packed with techniques, forms and a lot of extra material, and can be easily accessed from your computer, tablet, iPad or phone. The USB keys will make it much easier and faster to learn your test requirements. They will also lessen the stress level of those that feel they have a challenging time remembering new material. The price runs from $30 to $40 depending on the amount of information they contain.
Tao Te Ching - Lao Tzu - Chapter 76

A man is born gentle and weak.
At his death he is hard and stiff.
Green plants are tender and filled with sap.
At their death they are withered and dry.

Therefore the stiff and unbending is the disciple of death.
The gentle and yielding is the disciple of life.

Thus an army without flexibility never wins a battle.
A tree that is unbending is easily broken.

The hard and strong will fall.
The soft and weak will overcome.
If you want vitality and vigor, avoid being hard and stiff.
When a baby is born, she is totally soft and gentle. She is at the stage of her life cycle where vitality is most evident. She doubles her birth weight by four months and triples it by her first birthday.
Similarly, if an adult can stay gentle and calm, he tends to enjoy better health and longer life.
What if he is hard and stiff, negativity from stress and fear to depression sets in, and he becomes weak and frail.
So go the plants! Trees that are growing robustly are tender and filled with sap. When you see them withered and dry, they are about to die!
So stay gentle and soft. You can achieve this by letting go and allowing life to be!
Stop trying to control and manipulate, and allow your life to flow with vitality.
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