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August 2018 Newsletter
Closed Labor Day
Friday August 31st - Monday September 3rd, we reopen Tuesday September 4th

Message From Sabumnim

A student asked me what are the secrets to learning good martial arts. I explained there aren’t many secrets to improving your martial arts skills and doing it rapidly. In fact, as it is written on the sign overlooking the training floor in the dojang “Right in Front of You is the Way.” There only seems to be secrets when someone doesn’t have effective listening skills, seeing skills or sensing skills. When one lacks sufficient awareness, the workings of most things remain a mystery. If you want to maximize your return from the time and effort you put into your training, you simply have to watch closely the consistent actions of those that seem to excel with ease.

If you want to be exceptional in your martial arts practice, do what the exceptional do. There are always common denominators in the mindset, actions and beliefs of those who excel in any given area. The same is true for the practice of martial arts. However, this can be very challenging if you lose focus and wander off your chosen path. This is because the martial arts are so varied and the mental, emotional body types so numerous. First, you have to find a martial art that is a good fit for your body and your character. Second, you have to find a great master of that martial art that is also a good fit for your character and life. Once you have found a Master who can illuminate your path, you must make a true commitment to staying on your chosen path regardless of the obstacles and dark places it may lead to. You must understand this path is as much a journey of self-discovery as it is a path of learning martial skills and developing personal powers. The path of a Musa is a path of highs and lows, good times and bad times, success and failures. It is a path of many obstacles and stumbling blocks, great victories and hard knocks. At times it can feel like a journey shared with an abundantly rich community, and then there are times that are filled with emptiness, of isolation and feeling completely alone.

It is a path that is filled with great rewards but also much sacrifice. Many start on this path, but few complete the journey. This is because of misunderstandings and fears: fear of standing out, fear of getting hurt, fear of failing, fear of succeeding, fear of losing something, fear of pain and discomfort, but the biggest fear of all is the fear of letting go. Many become like a monkey that refuses to let go of the banana placed in a cage. The monkey that is absolutely free puts his hand into a cage to grab a banana inside, but once the monkey grabs the banana it quickly realizes it can’t remove its hand. The monkey struggles and struggles to remove its hand but is eventually trapped and caught by its inability to detach emotionally from the banana and simply let go. It was the monkey’s mind that became the cage. The monkey had an inability to think past the banana, and because of this and because of the monkey’s fear of losing the banana and need to hold on so tightly, it lives in a state of mental and emotional bondage which eventually manifests into physical bondage.

In truth, human nature is very much like the monkey. We hold on to things that we know don’t serve us. We even hold on to things that we know are doing us great harm. But unlike the monkey, we have the ability to reason; we rationalize irrational behavior and illogical habits. There are times in life when we can feel stopped, held back, blocked, pinned down, tied up or chained down. Sometimes it’s because of things outside of us and out of our control, but most of the time it’s because of something inside of us and in our control. We can control much of it if we develop our strength, courage, and wisdom to master the five vital skills written about on page 98 of the Beginner’s Handbook. So there are no secrets other than the ones we ourselves create and at the same time keep from ourselves. To uncover the secrets and to excel in our martial arts journey, we can start by examining the things that hold us back that we refuse to see or let go of.       

The principle and practice of emptying your cup in martial arts aren’t just about emptying your mind, it’s about clearing your heart and soul. It’s about clearing your emotional attachment to people, places, and things and it’s about clearing the clutter of your life, so you can begin to see yourself and the world you exist in, in its true light. If you truly want to excel in martial arts, you must first understand that the biggest secrets to learning martial arts are deep inside of you. And secondly, true martial arts is not about fighting, it’s about growing. To truly grow you must be willing and able to let go and discard that which inhibits your growth. Once again, always keep in mind, one of the biggest things that could be inhibiting your growth is your fear, and any many cases the inability to see the fears you hide from yourself. Uncovering and embracing your fear is a deeper practice of martial arts.                     


A big shout out to Instructor Eda Chao for taking the time every year to organize the Chinatown Demonstration! A big thanks also goes to Senior Instructor Georges Brisset for his support, as well as to the Blackbelts, Bodans, summer camp staff and children for showing up and doing such a great job!



Sabumnim is calling for the most dedicated students, instructors and supporters of WMAC to participate in our most important school outreach and student drive of the year. What happens on this day makes Sabumnim more available to all of us. This day affects the next twelve months. For those who plan to be a black belt, senior instructor or eventually master, this is a day of great opportunity and experience to propel you towards your goal.

Every year on this day, the true warriors show up. Will you be there, and be one of them?

The date is Sunday, September 23rd. We start the day at 10am and end at 6pm. We need two people to take charge and be the organizers, and as many volunteers for the day as we can get. Please sign up to volunteer by filling out THIS FORM, and if you want to be an organizer for the day, contact DELTA ASAP.


WMAC  is looking for a few students to help with our afterschool program. The hours are 2:30 to 5pm and includes picking children up from their schools, helping with homework and assisting with the 3:40 or 4:20 hapkido class. Please contact DELTA  if you are interested. 

WMAC Afterschool 2018

School starts in THREE WEEKS! Get your child enrolled in a Brooklyn's best afterschool program. We have pick-up from schools, one on one homework help AND completion, chess mastery and two martial arts classes!
Get ENROLLED NOW and receive a $50 discount on your first 5 day week. (
offer applies until 8/31) 
Sign up HERE. 

click image to see what it's all about!



  • Adult: Friday, August 17th 7am and 7pm
  • Children: Saturday, August 18th, 9am
7:15pm -Techniques
6:15pm - Advance Forms 

BODAN Classes
6:15pm - Advance Forms
6:15pm - Forms
WHITE BELT and Up Class
1:45pm - 2:30pm Dagger Forms 1 - 4 and Yang short form
HapKiDo curriculum USB keys are available for purchase at the front desk. Each one is packed with techniques, forms and a lot of extra material, and can be easily accessed from your computer, tablet, iPad or phone. The USB keys will make it much easier and faster to learn your test requirements. They will also lessen the stress level of those that feel they have a challenging time remembering new material. The price runs from $60 depending on the amount of information they contain.

Grandmaster Choi 8/21
Shihan Angel 8/30
Frantz Mondesir 8/1
Rebecca Lee 8/15
Washington Garay 8/6
Baijanta Bharali 8/13
Melissa Sarko 8/16
Tony Bozanich 8/19
Betty Chang 8/20
John Roman 8/21
Mindy Nam 8/21
Carlo Raimondo 8/22
Gary Beirmann 8/23
Tal Beery 8/26
JP McDavid 8/28
Valentino Ellis 8/29
Claire Carroll 8/29

Soke Lil John Davis 9/14
CSN Brad Kagawa 9/19
Nell Cote 9/8
Clara Loon 9/7
Kamaal A. Gilkes 9/11
Christine Lackowski 9/13
Eric Meier 9/14
Jerome Drouot 9/18
Emmanuel Ofori 9/18
Christopher MacDonnell 9/20
Miranda Nell 9/22
Joshua Blaker 9/26
Mike Cinquino 9/28
Kimberly Lum 9/30

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