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WMAC School Wide Testing

Sabumnim is testing the school Friday February 17th at 7am and 7:30pm for adults, and Saturday the 18th at 9am for children.  The make up test is in March on Friday the 17th and Saturday the 18th.

Words from Sabumnim

Injuries and Progress

With any physical activity, be it a sport like basketball, tennis, golf, etc., or a  recreation like hiking, biking, running, working, lifting something, or simply stepping off a curb to cross a street or even just rolling out of bed, there is always a possibility of injury. The more active you are, the greater your chances of injuring yourself, but also the stronger your body becomes at preventing and healing injuries.

If you have a consistent and well-structured method of training and practice, the more coordinated and sharper you will be, which also greatly reduces your chances of injury. If you have a previous injury, a consistent and well structured method of training and practice will not only help you avoid re-injuring yourself, but also speed up your healing. HapKiDo uses your body in more ways than any other sport or Martial Art, which means there are more possibilities of injury if the practice is not approached with the first three lessons of HapKiDo (Respect, Discipline, and Focus).

When a practitioner lacks in even one of these three areas, an opening for injury exists. When two practitioners are training together, and  they lack one or two of the essential three lessons of HapKiDo, injury is most likely to occur to one or both of them. HapKiDo is for the development of the Higher Self - Body, Mind, Spirit and Soul. It is for developing a healthy body, healthy mind, healthy spirit and a healthy soul. The purpose of HapKiDo is to generate and sustain peace.

The purpose of HapKiDo is not to hurt others or to injure yourself. It is a tool and a practice to assist you in conquering your hidden weakness, your inner demons, and your Karmic dragon, YOUR EGO. When the ego comes into play, the result is that respect, discipline and focus suffer. When the ego is dominant, we tend to focus more on determination than discipline, more on how we look than how well we focus, more on power, winning, gain and loss than respect. Just as it is easier to avoid a hold than it is to get out of a hold, and easier to stay out of trouble than to get out of trouble, it is much easier to avoid an injury than it is to heal an injury.

To avoid injury you must first establish and maintain mastery over your ego. This is one of the greatest victories that you can ever accomplish. It is the gateway to true power, the doorway to peace and the path to ultimate freedom.

Second, learn to sense and detect others who are controlled by or not in control of their ego and avoid being injured by them. This is a skill that must be acquired.

Third, always use good judgment, and trust your gut feelings and instinct. Meditation and experience will help develop this skill.

In the event you receive an injury, do your best to avoid any further injury and see a qualified specialist as soon as possible. As a martial artist, you should always have an acupuncturist, herbalist, bone structure/skeletal specialist, some form of bodywork specialist (massage, Shiatsu, etc.) on hand for times like these. Many people would rather work through an injury instead of seeing someone who could help them, which in many cases is a mistake and a direct result of their ego taking charge. One injury not properly addressed can give birth to many more injuries and sometimes even more severe ones. For example, a twisted ankle can cause a sprained knee, which can cause a pulled hamstring, which can lead to hip and lower back problems, which can further lead to spinal challenges, which can cause neck and head pain, which can cause a car accident.

You should also learn from your injury; learn what you did wrong, so you can avoid it in the future and incorporate this new knowledge in your training so that you end up benefiting from the injury. I've made my greatest advancements in my martial arts when I was on crutches. Being injured forced me to slow down and to be very precision oriented and present in my inner world and my outer world. When I was injured I couldn't use force, so I had to learn higher skill and develop a deeper understanding of the Art.

Through this I have learned the true power of knowing the proper basics and techniques, and the advantages of having a professional personal practice. Being a martial artist also means being able to learn from mistakes, set backs, obstacles and injuries. Being a martial artist is also about turning stumbling blocks into stepping-stones and using all the challenges you are faced with to actually maximize and accelerate your progress and personal development.

Here is some basic good advice that will not only help you avoid injury but also help you to learn faster and at the same time achieve a higher level of skill and a deeper understanding of your art.

When learning something new:
1. Go slowly and take your time
2. Go light and avoid using excessive force
3. Go for proper technique, get it right first
4. Learn the science before you become the mad scientist, don't experiment with things you have barely learned.
5. Stay calm and avoid worry, every skill takes time to learn, what you don't get today, you may get tomorrow.

In the beginning do it light
and avoid using too much might
focus on getting your technique tight
this is the way you learn it right.

ChungSaNim Dominick Receives a High Honor

On Jan 28, 2017, our own ChungSaNim Dominick was honored in Atlantic City at the Action Martial Arts annual Hall of Fame for her contribution to the martial arts and also for her book "The Compendium of Kumite Ryu Jujitsu". It is a great honor and a deep joy to have a student such as her being so honored so greatly in the martial arts world by so many other esteemed masters and Grandmasters. She is a giant among great men, and a humble Saint amongst Heros. In addition to this, she also received a proclamation from the borough president of Brooklyn.

Action Martial Arts Magazine
Hall of Fame Honors 2017 — Atlantic City, NJ
Outstanding Contributions in the Martial Arts
Grandmasters Bill Mcloud, ChungSaNim Dominick Brioche, Shihan Scott Stewart, Sensei Gerry Chisom and
Shihan Damian McLeod.

Special Offers
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February Black Belt Birthdays

Nicole Becher 2/1
Nori Jung 2/27
Elorie Tate 2/25
Jake Gsell 2/29

March Black Belt Birthdays
Ralph Maldari 3/1
Shira Beery 3/8
Maria Cruz Melendez 3/13
John Romano 3/15
Holger Thoss 3/18
Rayland Von Blake 3/21
Michael Pankow 3/25
Pace Singletary 3/30
Allexander Meistrell 3/21

HapKiDo curriculum USB keys are available for purchase at the front desk. Each one is packed with techniques, forms and a lot of extra material, and can be easily accessed from your computer, tablet, iPad or phone. The USB keys will make it much easier and faster to learn your test requirements. They will also lessen the stress level of those that feel they have a challenging time remembering new material. The price runs from $30 to $40 depending on the amount of information they contain.

WMAC Red belt Tim Johnson has a baby boy! Welcome to the world Samuel!
Congratulations Tim and Jayne!


Intuitive Astrology Readings by Lubaina

As the Chinese New Year rolls in, it is a perfect time to get an astrology reading and find out what is in store for you for the coming year. We are in interesting times now and the stars are reflecting the patterns that we are being influenced by, telling us that it is a time of transformation and deep transitions. An intuitive astrology reading can be very helpful in navigating these times as it gives a deeper understanding of the personal changes that are in store for us as well as our relationship to the world at large. With a deeper understanding of ourselves, we create clarity and light in our lives. Our transformation on a microcosm level affects what is happening because we are a part and parcel of this Uni-verse.

Lubaina has been studying astrology since she was 8 years old and has actively used this ancient practice as a guiding tool for herself and others for almost 15 years.

For more information or to make an appointment email

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