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Words from Sabumnim

Qualities of Great Instructors

When I look for instructors, I look for individuals that have been good assistant instructors. If they were good assistant instructors, I know I can develop them into a great instructor. If they have followed all of the instructions and teachings, and if they have done their inner personal work and all of the practices, I know they have pre-qualified themselves to be chosen to be an instructor. Through following the path prepared for them, I know they have developed many of the characteristics and skills that will make them a shining inspiration and an invaluable asset to the school. If they possess characteristics like physical awareness and physical intelligence, these qualities will translate into spatial awareness, spatial intelligence, body awareness and body intelligence.
Members of a martial arts school who lack these qualities can be a liability to the school. Some people are gifted with a natural physical awareness and physical intelligence. Other people who lack these gifts can still develop them to a very high degree if they have a strong will and faith in the process. This requires that they believe in themselves and also have an ability to follow instructions. This is a difficult process for those who have issues of inferiority, which they conceal from themselves with a false belief of superiority. Their deep-rooted fears will always cheat them out of true personal growth and fulfillment by never allowing them to rise above their ego.
Only those who have been great followers can become great leaders. The goal and desire of becoming a good leader must be present to develop into a good instructor. If you observe carefully, you can see that regardless of rank, skill level or years of experience, those who lack humility find it almost impossible to truly follow the way, methods and teachings of anyone, including their martial arts master. Terrible leaders, instructors and teachers are also a liability to a martial arts school and to themselves. Historically they have been the source of much dishonor, suffering and shame. In order to become a good instructor, it takes courage, strength, wisdom and compassion. 
Courage & Strength
Courage means being able to tackle your fear. For most people, fear means forget everything and run, but for the courageous, it means face everything and rise. This takes strength - mental, emotional and spiritual strength. Many people falsely appear strong on the outside, but real and true strength can only be found in a few. It takes true strength to control and focus your mind. It takes true strength to control and manage your emotions, and it takes true strength to have faith and to believe in yourself. It takes true strength to face the unknown and to walk into the dark places of life that few dare to go, and it takes true strength to walk by faith and not by sight. Those that possess true strength can “walk through the valley of death and fear no evil”. Wherever we consistently apply our strengths in life, we also begin to develop power. This also works in the opposite way; whatever we don't use we lose.
Everything from muscle strength to mind power must be applied to develop strength in these areas and to turn those strengths into powers. If you want to develop true strength, always remember that it starts with the following:
  1. Staying focused on your task and goals
  2. Tenacity is always required to go beyond
  3. Remember your reasons, they are your fuel source
  4. Extraordinary efforts produce extraordinary results
  5. Never give up
  6. Give it everything you got
  7. Trust in the Creator of the heavens and all the worlds
  8.  Honor your word and commitments
“Blessed is the one who seeks wisdom.”
Wisdom goes beyond knowledge or intellect. Knowledge and intellect are great resources and tools for the wise, but even they can be dangerous for those that lack true wisdom. We have all known or know of people that have a high degree of intellect and who possess much knowledge, yet at times we can see a lack of wisdom or understanding in their approach to many aspects of life. Most of us have had many days when we have awakened to meet someone just like that, face to face in the mirror.
It is commonly said that true wisdom comes from life experience, but that is only true if we actually learned something from our experiences. The world is full of smart people that keep making the same mistakes over and over again. Many would see this as a form of insanity, but I see it only as a consistent lack of good judgment. Making the right choices in life requires the ability and skill of making good judgments.

Knowledge, information and intellect are all data that is stored in your third mind, the one in your head. But true wisdom sits in your second mind, the one in the center of your chest. Better yet, is your first mind, which is where your intuitive deep wisdom resides. This is the mind in your hara, your gut, and your dan tien. This is the mind you started with before your birth. It’s the connection between your mother's womb and your lower abdomen. It is the symphony of life that all the cells in both of your bodies danced to until your physical form was complete. This is also the mind that has a direct connection to what Einstein meant when he said “Anyone who becomes seriously involved in the study of science quickly comes to realize that there is a spirit-mind vastly superior to that of man that is a part of everything”.  It has been called by many names, and it has spoken through countless great beings and teachers who have learned to listen to it with their soul.
All great instructors know how to use their head well, but extraordinary instructors also understand the wisdom of their heart. To achieve mastery and obtain deep wisdom, you must develop the ability to hear and understand the language of the soul that comes through your first mind. Instructors who achieve this are on the path to true wisdom and mastery.

I Corinthians Chapter 13:1-13 has been hanging up in the dojang for thirty years. Its message informs us of the essential aspects in being a good teacher, student, coach, counselor, minister, brother, sister, husband, wife, partner and friend. Compassion that comes from a deep place comes from a divine place. Acts of compassion come from allowing the divine spirit of the Creator to work through you. 
If you listen to your heart and soul (your second mind and your first mind) while you are performing acts of compassion and kindness, you will hear and sense something far greater than merely being delighted with your self for doing something good. Compassion is a must for every instructor who truly wants to become an excellent teacher. It's not how much you know that makes you an excellent instructor; it's how much you care, that puts you on the next level where you can make a huge difference.
I have had over 18 years of conventional education and another 18 years of non-conventional education. Yet like most of us, I can only remember a handful of teachers and professors by name. I can only remember Miss Dickstein from elementary school, Coach Sam Hatter from my high school years, and only two professors: Professor Nelon and Professor Cho from college. The reason I remember them and continue to learn from them is because of the deep impression they made on my heart and soul. 

I've had over 100 plus teachers that dumped massive amounts of data and information into my head. But I've only had a few that imparted knowledge that moved my heart and soul. They are the ones who were not only able to fill my mind with a lot of information and knowledge, but were also able to go much deeper, leaving a greater impression. They also opened my heart and implanted deep wisdom into my soul. All of these teachers had the ability to connect with students in such a deep and profound way because of how much they cared. When I look for instructors, I look for many qualities, but most of all, I look for those with the right heart and soul, the ones that care the most.  Those who posses courage, strength, wisdom and compassion, already posses 80% of what they need to become an excellent instructor. The only other thing they need after this is a good master’s training, guidance and time.
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Join WMAC for a Lunar Gathering. It's the year of the Dog!

Saturday Feb 17th
5pm - 8pm
All are welcome!
POTLUCK! RSVP here and let us know what you intend to bring.


  • The Adult Test has been moved to March 16th
  • Children - Saturday February 10th at 9am

6:15 - 7:15

Jo, Bul Sa Do, Yang short form
Bodan & Black Belts only

1:45 - 2:30

Dagger Forms 1- 4 and Yang short form
White belts and up.

Special Winter HapKiDo Event

Join Grand Master Edmund Ciarfella at his United Martial Arts Center (UMAC), for a training extravaganza featuring our Sabumnim! Click on the image to sign up and make sure you take advantage of the super big discount if you register before 2/10! GM Ciarfella is generously supplying lunch and giving each participant a copy of his new book, Life of Choices.

Event is at UMAC in Warwick, New York
Saturday February 24th 10-4pm.

Public Transportation: Metro North to Tuxedo Park.
Purchase your spot HERE
Sign up for van ride from Tuxedo Park to UMAC at the WMAC front desk.

Two for One Gift Cards!

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Shira Beery 3/8
Maria Cruz Melendez 3/13
John Romano  3/15
Holger Thoss 3/18
Michael Pankow 3/25
Pace Singletary 3/30
Alexandra Meistrell 3/31

Bodan Class on Thursdays at 6:15pm

Bodans!  Join Sabumnim's 6:15 class on Thursdays for Black Belt testing preparation. Sabumnim will be going over correcting all the basics to make them sharper.

Martial Arts

An Example of Courage, Strength, Wisdom and Compassion


Get Your Child Signed up for Winter Camp!

We plan to have an awesome winter camp this February 19th - 23rd. This year's theme is Values and Lessons of the Jedi. We will be emphasizing self discipline, self respect, determination, commitment and focus! Be sure to register before we fill up!
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Homework help and COMPLETION, chess mastery and HapKiDo!


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HapKiDo curriculum USB keys are available for purchase at the front desk. Each one is packed with techniques, forms and a lot of extra material, and can be easily accessed from your computer, tablet, iPad or phone. The USB keys will make it much easier and faster to learn your test requirements. They will also lessen the stress level of those that feel they have a challenging time remembering new material. The price runs from $60 depending on the amount of information they contain.

Health Section 2018

Great Effects of the Common Onion!

Put Onions in Your Socks Before Sleeping

Corinthians Chapter 13:1 1-3

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WMAC Red Belt Darrell Thorne is exhibiting his work in a performance extravaganza. You don't want to miss this eye popping, fun event!

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