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September 15 - 17

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I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have made such an effort to make it to my HwanGap and 60th Birthday celebration, and for the incredibly special gifts presented to me by the Blackbelts, the Bodans, and so many of you. All of you have made it an incredibly memorable experience that will always fill  my heart with love, appreciation and joy. I realize that it took a herculean effort that also required patience, forbearance and personal sacrifice. It has been an honor to be loved, respected and appreciated by students going back as far as 1984, and to have my birthday celebrated by so many of my family, friends and esteemed Masters and Grand Masters traveling from three continents. 

There have been many teachers that have given all of themselves for decades to countless students only to have lived and died unrecognized, or felt under appreciated and unfulfilled. Thanks to you, I won't be one of those teachers. I hold my students in high esteem not only in my mind, but also in my heart. I know that most of you hold me in a very high place in your minds and hearts. But I must humbly confess and admit that any high place that I occupy is because of you and others like you who have always honored me with your unwavering love, respect and support. I have been blessed to be on the receiving end of great generosity and deep admiration of noble Masters, profound teachers, dedicated students, loyal friends and the unconditional support of a spiritually based loving family. Also because I am alive after facing death many times, I know I am here today only because I have been blessed by grace from our Adonai to whom I must give acknowledgment, thanks and praise.
A Message From Sabumnim's Mother

Grandmaster Herbert Sabumnim is a profoundly unique, wise and intuitive individual who is loved by all. He returns that love abundantly.

I personally want to thank the Elders, Grandmasters, and teachers who have encouraged and nurtured him in those early days. Gary Herbert,
Eddie Casey, Bobby Casey, Greg Van Clief, Phillip Harris, John Barsano, Sifu John Chung, Sensei Carl Sanders, Sifu Henry Gong, Dr. Tom De Santis, Dr. Xu, Dr. Zhang, Dr, Jhong, Master Mantak Chi, Master Keith Winkle, Grandmaster Y.K. Kim, Professor Byung Kon Cho, Grandmaster Byung Min Kim, Grandmaster Ed Ciarfella, Master Theresa Ciarfella, Master Ahn, Master Chi Yuen Chung, Master Ren, Master Tony Morrison, Master Jerry Fontanez, Grandmaster Duk Sung Son, Grandmaster Chih-Young Lin, Grandmaster Sang Bok Ko, Grandmaster Brian Lee, Grandmaster Jong Uk Kim, Grandmaster Bill Davis, Grandmaster Sung Jay Choi, Soke Li’l John Davis, Grandmaster Yeun Bae Kim, Marshall Lawrence, and Master Sergeant David Herbert.

It is with great pride that I am able to attend this celebration of my first-born son’s 60th birthday. I have watched him from the very beginning as he set out to achieve his goals and work tirelessly to achieve them. He did this all on his own without the financial assistance that many people require to start a business. He set his standards high, both for himself and for his students and that is how and why World Martial Arts Center is among the top schools in the country. His passion, his knowledge and his sensitivity for life has been shared with many both here in the United States and even around the world.

I love you son, and God does too.
Novella Lawrence

HwanGap Celebration for Sabumnim

by Danielle Uchitelle

On July 16, 2017, friends, family, disciples and students gathered in Brooklyn to celebrate Sabumnim’s 60th birthday with a traditional Korean HwanGap.  In Korea and many other Asian cultures, a person’s 60th birthday represents the re-alignment of the animal (rooster) and element (fire) of one’s birth, and the beginning of the next major cyclic phase of life.  The HwanGap gives us the opportunity to honor Sabumnim’s life journey and to show our love and respect for him as a teacher, leader, brother, son, father, friend, and master.

For over seven months, the Chungsanims, Sabumnim’s mother and a dedicated team of volunteers organized a spectacular sold-out event. Some guests traveled from Malayasia, Hawai’i, California, Georgia, Maryland, and Massachusetts. Students from the very first Blackbelt class, and almost every class since, were present. There were students from our adult classes and children’s classes, and their parents. There were childhood friends of Sabumnim’s and family members. And just like our dojang community, the guests reflected every age group, nationality, race, and religion.

The celebration began with a Hapkido demonstration, and then Sabumnim surprised us all by doing a form and techniques. We then surprised him by having a representative of Mayor Bill de Blasio present him with a special Mayoral Commendation for all of his contributions to martial arts and the New York City community. Sabumnim’s mother, Novella Lawrence, then gave a blessing for the food and we nourished ourselves with the delicious feast catered by Felipe Avalos.

Afterwards, we began our tributes to Sabumnim with a video message from Shira Beery, followed by remarks from her parents. Several students gave tributes: Ellen Lerner, Josh Blaker, Jason Gaillard, Lena Viddo, and Georges Brisset. Chungsanim Dominick Brioche closed out the tributes and then the other Chungsanims—Betty Sze, Brad Kagawa, Jill Burdick, Jonathan Waks—gave some remarks and presented Sabumnim with a special photobook of pictures and messages from Blackbelts spanning 30 years. The program closed with Sabumnim’s daughter, Deva, doing a traditional bow to her father, and then the dancing began.

Much gratitude to all the students who volunteered to make the event such a memorable and joyous occasion, a moment that Sabumnim can carry with him as he begins the blessed journey into his second celestial cycle.

You can watch videos and see photos of the event by clicking on the links!
Photos by Laura Bang and videos by Jennifer Reeves
video one

video two


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Black Belt Birthdays

Grandmaster Choi 8/21
Shihan Angel 8/30
Frantz Mondesir 8/1
Rebecca Lee 8/15
Washington Garay 8/6
Baijanta Bharali 8/13
Melissa Sarko 8/16
Tony Bozanich 8/19
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Mindy Nam 8/21
Carlo Raimondo 8/22
Gary Beirmann 8/23
Tal Beery 8/26
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Joshua Blaker 9/26
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Kimberly Lum 9/30

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Kuk Sool Won Class Demo
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A special prayer for Sophie.
 May God’s light, love and grace always surround you, support you and bless you.


For Your Body

From Delta

I want to share with the WMAC community, the three healing professionals that I always turn to when my body is out of whack. After many decades of physical training, and trying out lots of professionals to realign, heal, reduce and clear out pain, I’ve settled on a few people who I know I can count on.  All of these professional healers are NYS licensed and have several things in common: they are masters in their fields, and they love people, which shows in how deeply they focus on a person and their physical issues. Lastly, I always leave a treatment with any one of these people feeling so much better than when I went in.

All of these healing professionals have over two decades experience, and extend discounts to the WMAC community.

Dr Karl Bauer at Grammercy Chiropractic 
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Tania Valezquez at Massage Therapy Bug 
(WMAC high green belt)
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Let yourself feel well!

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Throughout this August there are turbulent and unpredictable energies. It would be wise to be careful in all your dealings with unstable people and unsafe surroundings.  Plan for possible big delays in travel, shipments and the mail. Be alert and clear with communications in every form. Miscommunications are highly possible at this time. Computers and other electronics can be affected in unusual ways. Not the best time to sign contracts, but if you must, be sure to have several parties cross check several times. But most of all keep yourself centered. Meditation, prayer and personal peace time are most beneficial in shielding yourself. Stay alert and be prepared because violence is always possible.
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