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Words from Sabumnim

WMAC Senior Instructor Sarah Williams

Senior Instructor Sarah Williams began her martial arts training with WMAC in 1997 when we started an extended Tae Kwon Do and HapKiDo class at the Brooklyn YMCA at Atlantic and Third Avenues. She became an assistant Instructor at the 598 Broadway Manhattan WMAC in 1999. During the past twenty years she has been an incredible example of kindness, strength, discipline, dependability, wisdom, loyalty and high moral character. She has never spoken poorly of anyone, nor has she ever allowed her character to be pulled from grace by others. She has always looked out for the best interest of the school and of myself.

Everyday that Sarah came to the Dojang, she would leave it looking far better than it did before she arrived. Everything would be left clean and in perfect order; leaving me with a lot less to be concerned and stressed about, and therefore, giving me more time to be a better teacher to all of the members of WMAC.

Senior Instructor Sarah Williams officially taught her last class at WMAC as of Tuesday February 28th 2017. I’d like to thank Sarah for being a part of our incredible life journey at WMAC. She has been a true blessing and a joy. My heart and soul glow with warmth whenever she is thought of. My words could never fully express the depth and height of love and respect I have for her. She is a wonderful representation of one of the many people that make our school of martial arts a very special place.

Sarah came as a stranger and leaves as a sister, she will be greatly missed. But let's remember the many lessons she taught us such as: the lessons of humanity, dignity, compassion, focus, patience, respect, reliability, kindness, thoughtfulness, caring for the dojang, love, professionalism, initiative, loyalty and grace. Let us see if our community can embrace and practice Sarah’s exemplary traits. This way, once again she will have left the dojang a better place than it was when she arrived.

We will be giving Sarah a proper farewell sometime in early April, close to her birthday, either the week before or after. Her birthday is on April 9th.

Senior Instructor Sarah Williams’ Final Tuesday Class
From Bodan Danielle Uchitelle

This week the WMAC class calendar lost one of its most gifted and experienced teachers, as Senior Instructor Sarah Williams, bowing to professional pressures and health issues, reluctantly gave up her long-time position leading the Tuesday morning 7:00AM class.

Ever since I discovered the weekday morning classes, I’ve especially looked forward to Tuesdays with Sarah. Sarah has an encyclopedic knowledge of techniques and forms, and she was especially good at demonstrating how these had evolved in the curriculum over time. Having trained with Sabumnim for almost 23 years, Sarah knew exactly the right approach for any student, from beginners to advanced, and has an understanding of the deep structure of Hapkido that only becomes apparent after you’ve studied with her for weeks and months, as you come to realize just how profound and precise her corrections and comments are.

There wasn’t a formal announcement of Sarah’s final Tuesday; in fact, most of us didn’t know until the week before, when she informed students at the end of her penultimate class. Word got around, though, and the final class was filled with many of her students and former students, who celebrated Sarah’s influence with flowers, handwritten cards, group photos, and a few tears.

In addition to her mastery of the WMAC curriculum, I should mention one other aspect of Sarah’s training that has influenced me: her approach to cleaning the dojang. I know that a class’s Assistant Instructor (if there is one) or Instructor is responsible for tidying up the dojang and making sure that the mat area is organized and clean. But Sarah’s dedication to WMAC took this to another level: every Tuesday morning she would dust the entire dojang, then sweep the entire dojang with a broom, and then, after class, vacuum the entire space. And since caring for and cleaning our training area is an honorable tradition, one as old as the martial arts themselves, I have tried to follow her example.

I know that all of us who train with Sarah, and those who have trained with her in the past, will miss her weekly influence in our lives. I look forward to future special events that Sarah has already assured us she’ll attend, and I hope that when she next observes my forms and techniques in action, she’ll recognize her influence and feel satisfied with my progress.

And the Winner Is.....

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She Walks in Grace and Beauty

She walks in grace and beauty
No harsh words pass her lips
Men they fall at her feet
For her favours they do beg
Her smile lights up every room
With her presence she does grace
Only truth shall she speak
Bless with words of wisdom
And throughout this life
She walks in grace and beauty

by Steve Curtis

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