Join the WMAC referral contest and get a chance to win One Year of Classes!

That's right, One Year of FREE classes! WMAC will pay your tuition for one year!

The first step to take is to refer your friends. You can refer as many as you want. The more you refer the better your chances of winning! After you fill out the form with your referral imformation. Hit the REFER A FRIEND button and afterwards refresh your screen page, and you can begin again with another referral

Friend's Full Name *
Friend's Full Name


Refer as many friends as you want. With each referral you earn one ticket. Tickets can be earned between October 3rd and December 15th, 2016. 


  • The referral contest is open to everyone: active and inactive members, family and friends
  • For every referral, you earn ONE ticket.
  • For every referral that begins a 4 week Trial you will earn FOUR tickets
  • For every referral that enrolls in a 90 day Trial Program, you will earn TWELVE tickets
  • For every referral that enrolls in one of WMAC 12 month membership programs, you will earn TWENTY FOUR tickets.
  • Ticket registration must be completed by the student, or if a minor, by their parent or guardian age 18 or older.
  • The One Year Tuition prize is applicable to a 12 month membership, not to an After School Program or Summer Camp.
  • Register your ticket between October 3rd and December 15th at the school. Follow the instructions on the ticket.
  • Your tickets must be registered by 7pm December 15th.
  • The winner is selected through a random ticket drawing on December 18th.