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Korea Trip 2019



Join Grandmaster Kim exploring his homeland, a rare opportunity to train with Grandmaster Kim, and get insight into his techniques and philosophies.

Korea Trip 2019
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Register Now! Only 20 Spots per location

20% deposit of $658 by October 26th?**

Contact your Instructor to receive permission to attend this once in a lifetime experience. Not just for martial artists, but also for family members who want to learn the secrets of healthy living and healing with the esteemed Dr. Lee. Not only will we be doing Martial Arts training we will also be visiting the recently opened, and very modern Tae Kwon Do training center in Muju. There will also be wonderful hiking with spectacular views for all levels, as well as plenty of sight seeing.

April 9th – 17th 2019

$3290 Per Person

The trip includes:

● 4 day seminar

● 2 days in Seoul

● Staying in a 5 star hotel

● Breakfasts and dinners

● Round trip airfare and ground transportation**

Registration Deadline is December 31st, 2018 The itinerary is subject to change

On this journey, you will also visit the World Tae Kwon Do Headquarters in Seoul where you will get to witness Masters and Grandmasters testing. We have traveled to Korea as a school about every nine years, we are overdue for this adventure. A Korea trip of this kind will never happen again. Grandmaster Byung Min Kim is officially retiring from teaching martial arts to pursue personal spiritual goals, and I am considering doing the same. Grandmaster Ciarfella, Grandmaster Winkle, Master Mellela, and Master Berlow may not be testing for their next level for another 10-12 years.

This will be a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn the deeper meanings of true martial arts training from the great Grandmaster Byung Min Kim and the ancient hidden secrets to self-healing and prevention of disease from the world-renowned Dr. Sang Ku Le

The students who attend are representing WMAC, and Sabumnim. It is important that each student is fully prepared to bring their best self to this trip and to follow any and all instructions while in Korea. If you would like to attend, please consider the following questions thoughtfully:

1. Am I up to date with my school fees?

2. Do I regularly contribute to the betterment of the dojang and its community?

3. Am I able to pay for this trip $3290, and give a 20% deposit of $658 by October 26th?

4. Am I committed to bringing my best self to this trip and will cooperate, contribute, and respect any and all expectations and protocols?

5. Will I leave a lasting impression that matches or exceeds the reputation for having strong, upright, and superior martial arts character that our students have earned both nationally and internationally over the years?

If you have confidently answered “YES!” to all of the above, please do your best to be on a conference call Thursday, October 11th, 8p with Sabumnim. Follow this link to sign up for the conference call.