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Warrior Weekend 2017

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Friday June 23rd from 6-10pm $149

Saturday June 24th from 12-6pm $199

Sunday June 25th 12-4pm $149

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Learn the way of the warrior, and how to defend from gun, knife and other weapon attacks. Meditation and Ki training.


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HapKiDo Weekend 2017
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Warrior Weekend One Schedule

June 23-25, 2017


6:00-7:00pm                Hap Ki Do Chagi  
(Kicking basics & Drills for health and Self defense )

7:00-7:45pm                 Footwork  Skills & Strikes
(The essentials of mobility)

  8:00-8:45pm                Meditation & Concentration Skills 
(The Um and Yang methods of Mind Training)

  9:00-10:00pm   Free time  (Open Practice and review )             


                                                  Area A                                              Area B                              

12:00-1:30pm          Cross Hand and Sang
(Single and double Wrist Locks)

1:30-1-45pm            BreakTime

1:45-3:00pm           Tipping and Up RootingSkills             Rope and Belt Skills
                            (The Core of Body Throws)     (The Basics of Rope and Belt Tech.)             

3:00-3:15pm           BreakTime

3:15-4:30pm           Hansu Skills
(The Basics of the essential art)

4:30-4:45pm          BreakTime

4:45-6:00pm          Entering The Golden Age
(A Martial Arts Practice For 50 and Older)

6:00-7:30pm           Free Time (open practice and review)                                                    



                                           Area A                                                 Area B  

12:00-1:15pm        Outside Hand & Yang                    Chokes & Chill Tech.
                      (Single and Double wrist locks)    (Basic Defense Chokes & Choke Defense)    

1:15-1:30pm         BreakTime

1:30-2:45pm       Short Staff Form                          Cane Tech.  & Belt/Rope Tech.

2:45-3:00pm      BreakTime

3:00-4:00pm     Musado Principles of Action and Being
(The Role of Jeja, The True Student of The Martial Arts.)

4:00-6:00pm       Free Time (Open Practice and review)                                                  

Earlier Event: June 10
Instructor Training
Later Event: September 15
HapKiDo Weekend Two 2017