For Martial Arts & Life

Taught by Kristin Walsh, a 2nd Dan and yogi who recently completed a 3 year meditation retreat.

*SUNDAY APRIL 26, 2:00 - 4:00 pm $35 *

Open event: all welcome.

What’s the secret behind the power of Eastern mind-body traditions like yoga, martial arts, and esoteric Buddhism? They use both inner and outer methods for self-transformation. In this seminar, you’ll learn profound and practical essentials about your subtle energetic body—the system of channels, chakras, and the chi that flows through them. Most importantly, you’ll learn how this subtle body is linked to your thoughts, your breath, your outer physical body, and your actual experience of the world. You’ll come away with a new understanding about how to use these layers of reality to do everything from increasing your happiness and wisdom to improving your martial arts, relationships, and ability to cope with challenges.