Fall 2017 Special!

Get Totally Fit Starting September 2017!

Take charge in 2017 by taking the one step that will positively affect everything else you want to achieve in your life. Choose from one of these great deals!

Family and Friends Adult Special

Unlimited classes for 36 days. Includes home study material that can be downloaded to phone or computer, training gloves and a beginner's guide

  • $290 value all for $99 if enrolled by September 10th.
  • $120 if enrolled by 9/15
  • $140 by 9/20.

Adult 90 Day Special

includes a uniform, digital training video, home study material 1 & 2, training gloves, beginner's guide and beginner's handbook.

  • $640 value all for $275 if enrolled by September 20th.

Children's Special $79 for a 30 day Trail Month if enrolled by September 10th. Includes a free uniform.

Gift Certificates are available for all specials.

Adult 30 Day
99.00 290.00
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Adult 90 Day
275.00 640.00
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Children's 30 Day
79.00 99.00
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