Summer camp movie team

Summer camp movie team

Half Day  8:30am – 12:30pm   $300 per week
Full  Day  8:30am –  5:00pm    $499 per week
50% deposit required at sign up. Paid in full by June 1st. Late pick up (by 6pm) additional $10 per day.

5-9 and 10-12
Limited to 20 children

Summer Camp Full Day
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Summer Camp Half Day
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At the World Martial Arts Center's summer camp kids learn how to address the realities of today's world. We have a fun curriculum that is packed with martial arts and life training. Kids learn the basics of money management, how to identify healthy foods and the perils of sugar, master chess strategy, writing and counting in Korean, and much more. The day camp is a great way to spend the summer having fun while learning leadership, martial arts and life skills.

Program highlights:

Two daily martial arts classes:

  • HapKiDo

  • Sparring

  • Meditation

Life skills:

  • Leadership

  • Basics of money management

  • Healthy eating

Professional Skills

  • Making a short film about martial arts

  • Summer homework help

Two man staff form

Two man staff form


  • Chess

  • Reading

  • Arts & crafts

  • Computer games


  • Martial arts in the park (DUMBO Park)

  • Museum of Natural History

  • Local bank

  • Shopping for healthy diets

Contact Us for more information!
718 855-9898

They say it takes a village? WMAC has been that and more for our family! Here we are, my husband and I, sitting, watching out boys (age 6 and 8), having a game of chess. We enrolled our sons in WMAC summer camp 2013. They were there for 2 weeks and enjoyed each and every single day. It was SaBumNim who introduced them to the game of chess. He works hard with the children, and makes sure that they play hard too. WMAC Happy Kicks has a great ambiance for kids. They really have great role models and instructors. They treat the kids with respect, discipline, AND make it fun for them.

At WMAC they not only teach the kids the art of martial arts but also about self-respect, self-confidence, and how to be independent and responsible for their own belongings. They taught them about MONEY too…

Another one of the things they learned in summer camp was the importance of a good diet. The children rated their lunchboxes from 1 to 10, which helped make them aware of what they put in their systems (very important for my husband and I). To date, they ask me what ingredients are in what they are eating. We both agreed that we had to re-enroll them for September 2013/2014.

The staff at World Martial Arts Center goes unrivaled. We trust the safety and security of our children to SaBumNim, Delta, Lauren and the entire staff of the WMAC HappyKicks Program. The smiles, say it all.         Martin and Bethina Flores