9am Class

When I extol the many benefits of WMAC’s Monday through Friday 7:00 AM classes, the response I hear most often is, “I’d love to train in the morning, but that’s just too early for me to wake up.” Now you can cross that excuse off your list, because we’ve recently added a 9:00 AM class two days a week, so you can get your day off to a Hapkido start and still get all the sleep you need.

World Martial Arts Center - Black Belt Holger Thoss

World Martial Arts Center - Black Belt Holger Thoss

Led by Black Belt Instructor Holger, and frequently assisted by Kyosanim Eva, the 9:00 AM class is ideal for WMAC warriors who have just dropped their kids off at school, late morning shift workers, freelancers, and anyone else who wants to begin their Monday and Wednesday with energy and Ki. Holger explained that the small size of a typical class allows him to focus on curriculum material and belt test prep. If you’re training for your next promotion test it’s the perfect way to make sure you have all the forms and techniques you need.

For all you late sleepers and schoolkid shuttlers: see you on the mat, 9:00 AM Monday and Wednesday.

By Bodan Danielle Uchitelle

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