Congrats to the 3 new bodans who tested last night. What was funny as I was typing this, was that autocorrect changed "new bodans", to "newborns". I thought how appropriate that was though; as new bodans enter a very special period where just like newborns, they learn about themselves, get tested, receive so many of the lessons that will help them succeed as black belts. Just like newborns are surrounded by love and support, bodans are also surrounded by the love and support of the community as they make their way to black belt. I was a bodan for 3 1/2 years, it was one of the best periods of my life. I've known people who got their black belt after only a year of being bodan; I've known people who have been bodan for 10-20 years. Black belt will come at the right time for you. One of most important lessons now is giving back to the Dojang and your own community by being generous. Generosity creates more bodans and our lovely community grows 😊 MUDO to our 3 new warriors.

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