Pre-Black Belt Test - October 2014

The time leading up to the pre-Black Belt test in October was a period of increasing excitement and nervousness. The bodans quickly organized ourselves and committed to training together to review forms and techniques and unify ourselves as one. We came to the test with our own personal fears and reservations, but in our hearts we knew we had the support of one another. Our forms, self-defense techniques, kicking and hand techniques, stamina, listening skills, fitness, mental ability and warrior spirit were being tested from the moment we stepped on the mat until over 5 hours later when the test was completed. Through our successes, stumbles, exhaustion and personal challenges, our spirit did not break. We survived the pre-Black Belt test and are humbled and grateful for the opportunity to participate. We thank Sabumnim, Chungsanmim, Kyosanim Betty, all the Kyosanims and black belts for preparing us for this incredibly special moment. We also thank all the students of the school for sharing in our excitement and giving much support. It is truly an honor to be a part of the WMAC community.

Delta HunterComment